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CPI Security Services Inc. offers a wide selection of high quality products for monitoring, video surveillance and access control to meet the needs of any company, from large, too small.


In today’s market, technology changes rapidly and CPI Security is always ahead of the game to ensure you have access to the latest technology to help protect your people, property and assets.


After an initial conversation to discuss your specific site, risks, requirements and budget, a friendly member of the CPI sales team will attend your site and walk through to determine how to best protect your site. We will then provide you a customized quote. Looking to upgrade your current camera and access control systems? That’s no problem either.

Services Include:


Many sites install security cameras to help deter unwanted and illegal activity. CPI Security offers a wide range of durable and high definition cameras and monitoring and video recording options to meet your needs.

Alarm Systems

Security is not just about protecting your site from unwanted people, its also about protecting your site from unwanted events. We can provide panic alarms, and freeze and flood sensors which can all help fully secure your property.

Access Control

A big part of security is being able to manage and oversee who enters your site and when. You have the option to control who accesses your site, and even when they access it. Reports are also available to show who used their access cards and at what points.

Special – Owl

This system is a high definition camera box which can be customized to meet the security needs of any site, but is especially attractive to the Construction Industry, given it can be installed and leased for a short period of time. Customization options are endless and can include stationary to Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, audio capabilities and motion detection. CPI Security can help fit your needs and your budget.

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