Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be A Security Guard?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Security Guard?

In order to work as a Security Guard in Ontario, you must first pass a 40 hour course,  set up a testing date with Service Ontario, once passed you may apply for your Security Guard Licence.

In order to get your licence, you must have passed the course, test, and you must have a clean criminal record. Once the Ministry of Private Security and Investigative Services Branch approves your licence, you are eligible to work as a Security Guard.

This is where the hard work begins. In order to be an effective Security Guard, whether in Ontario or elsewhere, it is imperative that you keep abreast of the current laws in your area. You need to know these laws and have a thorough understanding of them, so that you understand your rights, as well as the rights of the patrons, employees, and clients where you are working.

For example, if you are working as a Security Guard in a store during the busy holiday season and you see someone pick up a product off the shelves and conceal it in their coat or under their shirt, what would you do?

  1. Would you apprehend them right away?
  2. Would you turn to another employee in the store to alert them of what’s going on and wait until the suspect walks out?
  3. Or would you follow the suspect through the store until he or she exits the store before you apprehend them?

The answer is C. But do you know why? Maintaining continuity is key in any investigation and arrest. If you don’t maintain continuity it may lead to a false arrest and liability issues for the Security agency that you are working for, as well as the client that the Guard is acting on behalf of.

There are some other key skills and attributes a Security Guard must have in order to be successful:

  • A keen attention to detail – without this you may miss the next step of a potential suspect, as well as their full description.
  • Observant – you need to see what’s around you, and pick up on little signs and signals of people around you so that you can pick up criminal activity before it happens.
  • Excellent communication skills – Security isn’t about going out there ‘guns a blazing’ so to speak, and arresting everyone you see. You need to be able to talk people down in tense situations. The goal with any Security job is to talk people down and not use any physical force. You should be able to maintain a positive personal attitude until the police arrive.
  • Good negotiation skills – you want to be able to talk to people about what they are doing and try to get them to stop. For example if two people are fighting, you want to break it up, maintain visual of your back up Guard, while negotiating and diffusing the situation with the other party.
  • Must be well groomed – you don’t want to show up to a site with your shirt unbuttoned, wrinkled and having stains all over it, and your hair uncombed. Being well groomed will help give you the respect you need when you are out there working as a Security Guard.