Five Quick Tips for Property Managers Looking for Security

If you are a Property or Building manager, chances are you have thought about security more than once. No one expects you to be an expert in security, but you are expected to find the best ways to cut custs and ensure the safety of the building and the people inside it. How can you do that? What do you need to think about when it comes to security?

Here are 5 quick tips to remember when it comes to the security of a commercial or residential building.

Cost isn’t everything – most residents want to keep their monthly condo fees down, and opt for security systems and cameras instead of physical security. Or they will settle for part time guards during busier days of the week, such as weekends. This isn’t always a safer option, because incidents happen during any day of the week and any time of the day. Also, companies who hire by price only, are often faced with challenges with the guards on site. Think about it this way, if you had a dentist that offered a root canal for $200 and then another that said they would do it for $30, would you trust the $30 Doctor?

The cheaper the price you are paying to the Security Agency, the cheaper they have to pay the guard in order to cover their operating costs. Guards who are paid minimum wage are often not happy with their job, not engaged or motivated and end up spending the bulk of their shift on their phone watching movies or messaging friends. Is this really what you want in a security guard? Also, companies that are offering rock bottom prices may be stretched for resources and may not have a Mobile Guard patrolling often enough – or even at all – to check on guards at different sites to ensure adherence to uniform standards, safety procedures and company policies. Although cheaper services may be very enticing to the bottom line, they are often not the best option.

Relying on a sole security measure – many residents feel cameras alone are a method that will provide the security they need. But if no one is monitoring those cameras, you end up with residents that aren’t protected in the event of criminal activity. They can provide footage to police, which may help solve the crime. But oftentimes criminals will wear masks, given the prevalence of cameras in both commercial and residential properties. When Condominiums rely on cameras alone they tend to get a false sense of security.

Access Control – Access Control in a residential building can be tough. There are a lot of people coming and going and it can be quite easy for someone to come in behind someone who has an access card to the building. Having a guard stationed at the front desk will help ensure that those that don’t swipe in using an access card are greeted by a Guard and asked to sign in.

Security and Condo Management Software – This software combines incident reporting, maintenance, and management into one easy to use tool. It tracks packages coming in, parking, maintenance requests, and room bookings for residents who hold events, and security reporting, such as daily logs and reports and incident reports. Often web based, so it’s accessible from anywhere. It’s a valuable tool that is not only a single place as a go to for all Property Management needs, but since it tracks security incidents, it will help show the value of security.

Emergency situations – technology can only do so much during emergency situations such as elevator entrapments, medical assistance, and enforcement of trespassing. Having a security guard stationed in the building at all times will help ensure the safety of residents, tenants, guests and others in the building.

When looking at the safety and security of any building, cost is typically at the forefront of your mind. But take time to think about how any cost cuts could impact the residents or tenants when a situation arises where security is needed. A good mix of physical security and technology can help provide the best protection for the building. Although shopping around for the best price and going with the cheapest quote is tempting, really, you should be shopping for the best value. Ask yourself, who is going to provide the best protection at a price that is affordable?