Guard Services

What We Do

CPI Security Services Inc. offers Security Services throughout the Greater Toronto Area including Durham, York, Peel Regions and Toronto.


We train and motivate our guards to ensure they come to your site ready to protect your people, property and assets. Our highly specialized team of Mobile Supervisors are always on the road assisting site guards with any emergency needs, and making site visits as a quality check to ensure our high standards are always being met.


We offer different types of Guard Services to be able to assist with any client need that may come up. Some of the Guard Services include:


Concierge Guards – best for hotels and condominiums. They wear blazers over their standard issue uniform.


Low Profile Guards – these guards are for smaller events that are unlikely to have issues, traffic control, and lower risk sites. The guards wear a standard issue uniform, which is a white, marked shirt, tactical pants and tactical boots.


High Profile Guards – these guards are specifically trained and experienced in the event physical contact is required. They are certified to carry a baton and handcuffs, and have several years of tactical experience. High profile guards wear the standard issue uniform, a bullet proof vest, tactical pants, tactical boots, and carry handcuffs and batons.


Undercover Guards – these guards wear plain clothes as they are meant to blend in with the people around them. They are typically deployed in retail stores for loss prevention.


Supervisors – These guards have the highest standards as they are setting the stage for all other guards. They have the most training and experience, carry handcuffs and a baton, and wear a grey shirt with standard issue patches, with a bullet proof vest.


Pricing for our guard services varies depending on the level of guard requested.

Our guard services are listed, below.

Services Include:

Industrial Security

Daily or nightly spot checks through our mobile patrol unit, or for further crime deterrence we can provide an overnight stationary guard.

Loss Prevention

Stationary guards in visible uniforms to deter shoplifting and prohibited activity. We also provide normal non-uniformed guards who conduct discreet investigation on potential shoplifters.


We offer highly trained concierge or high profile guard services to patrol your commercial business properties. We work with property owners to cater to the needs of each property.

Mobile Patrol/Spot Checks

Daily or nightly spot checks, on-site guard inspections and response to alarms. Our vehicles are equipped with cameras to record on site patrols which ensure accurate patrol reports to our clients.

Event Security

We provide highly trained guards, and can offer additional services such as mobile patrol attendance, supervisory spot checks, and crowd control.

Close Protection

Body guards in suits who are specially trained and experienced with close protection of high profile individuals and groups.


To ensure the safety and security of your home, our mobile patrol vehicles can attend residence properties or set up nightly spot checks to ensure the safety and security of your home.

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